My Autism Kit

As an Autistic person I find it helpful to have an Autism kit. This kit includes fidget toys, earplugs, sunglasses, and a snack. (Sunglasses and snack are not pictured).

1. (Far left)  Klixx toy

This is a Klixx toy. It “Clicks” (not very loudly) when you shape it. You can shape it into all sorts of shapes. I like to twist it around my hand to apply pressure (not super tight though). I also like undo it to make it straight and put it across my forehead to feel pressure.

2. Stimmy bracelet

Me and my friend found this idea on Wikihow on how to make a “Stimmy” bracelet. All you need is big beads (wooden works best) and string. You take the bracelet around your fingers and you use your thumb to move it around your fingers.

3. Eni Puzzle

This stim toy is a puzzle. You twist the different sections around to line up the colors. You can also make different patterns and designs by twisting the different sections around. There is one empty space on the tiles for you to use to help you make patterns or line things up

4. Earplugs

These are so essential for me!!! Without these I would be one unhappy camper!! These help turn loud sounds down (they do not shut out all noise). I use these in a lot of places to help me cope with noise. The brand is Etymotic. I got the standard size in the color frost. These also come with a little case and a string for if you want to hang the earplugs around your neck.

5. Foam dumbell

This is nice to squeeze when I’m anxious. I got it from somebody who had a bunch of extras. It’s a soft foam material.

6. Chewable Necklace

I use this whenever I need to chew on something (though I still bite my nails, its a bad habit that I need to get out of) I sometimes forget to bring this with me. I need to bring it with me more so I don’t bite my nails a lot.


These are things that I use that are not in this picture

A snack: I like to pack applesauce in a pouch, or bring a granola bar with me to eat. I don’t like being hungry. 🙂

Sunglasses: I don’t like bright, flickering, or flashing lights, so sunglasses help me cope.

That is my Autism kit.


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