My weighted blanket

(Picture Note: This is when my weighted blanket was almost finished. It didn’t have piping around the edges yet. I chose grey piping to put around the edges).

I use a weighted blanket at night to help me sleep. I first found this idea on the internet. I was having trouble getting to sleep, it was taking me anywhere between 15-60 minutes to get to sleep. Thoughts just kept swirling around in my head. I then decided to sew a weighted blanket with one of my family members (who also taught/sewed my quilt with me). We got the blanket done in 2 days, and then I started using it.

I read in a book about autism that autistic people don’t produce as much melatonin as neurotypical people do. I think this may have been the case for me. Weighted blankets, according to Weight On Me (a company that makes weighted blankets) the pressure of a weighted blanket makes your body produce serotonin, which then converts into melatonin, and helps you relax.

My weighted blanket has definitely helped me a lot. I go to sleep within 10-20 minutes now. I definitely feel better as I am getting more sleep. I’m a happy camper when I get my sleep. 🙂 I definitely recommend trying a weighted blanket if you have trouble sleeping. Weighted blankets aren’t just for autism, they are also used with a variety of other conditions such as ADHD, insomnia, and anxiety.

I love my weighted blanket!! 🙂


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