Stimming, why I do it, and how it helps me.

I stim. stimming is a repetitive behavior. Stimming helps autistic people in a lot of areas. stimming can help

  • Reduce pain
  • Calm
  • Express emotions
  • Self regulate

Some people do stimming by rocking, others do stimming by flapping their hands, others spin. Each Autistic person has their own stim. I have several stims. Here are my stims

  • Rocking
  • Hand flapping
  • Spinning

I like to rock when I am anxious, sometimes I start doing it without even realizing it. I flap my hands sometimes when  I am feeling overwhelmed, excited, or happy. I like to spin on an office chair. It is fun to do. I think one of the problems today is that neurotypical people judge autistic people when they stim. This, in turn, causes the autistic person to shut down. This can be very stressful, as stimming can help an autistic person cope.

Although I like to stim, I know that there are certain places where it is not appropriate to stim. I cannot stim during class, and I cannot stim during a piano lesson. If I feel the need to stim then I use the breaks I am given in between classes to stim. So, next time you see an autistic person stimming, please don’t judge. It’s an anxious, confusing world out there for us autistics.

Keep calm and stim on!


photo credit: ЕленАндреа <a href=”″>Pieces Of My Heart</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;






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