Autism and emotions

As an Autistic person, I can have trouble expressing emotions. I do not get excited/enthusiastic about things. I may think “Yeah, that’s pretty cool.” but I will often not show much emotion. I only get really excited about big things. The only times I can remember being really excited is when (1) When I got a letter from Temple Grandin (I had written to her first), (2) When I got to go to a Parelli tour event, (3) Christmas day, and (4) When I got to go to a cool waterpark on vacation. When I do get excited I often squeal in a high pitch to show my excitement.

I can get really upset about things some of the time. If I cry it’s either a few tears misting my eyes or full-out sobbing with gushing tears. I don’t get mad a lot. Some people misread me when I’m upset, or content as me being mad. Yes, I can get irritated/annoyed, but I don’t like having a “Mad” label put on me. I do feel a range of other emotions as well. Fear tends to be one of the main emotions I feel, I can have transition anxiety, anxiety about socializing, anxiety when there is a thunderstorm, etc.

I do have affection for others, I just don’t like hugging. I can think of several people in my life that I really love and trust. I am working on being able to tolerate hugs. So far I am able to tolerate a hug if I know it is coming and if the person asks permission. I just don’t like the out of the blue bear hugs. That overwhelms me, and I often become stiff all over because I am overwhelmed.

I don’t express happiness a lot. I can be happy but have a blank face. I do smile, I especially smile when somebody is being really funny. I don’t like to make silly faces because it feels weird. I will smile or laugh if somebody is making silly faces, though.

This is how I feel my emotions as an Autistic person. I am not “emotion-less” I just feel emotions in a different way.


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8 thoughts on “Autism and emotions

  1. Thank you for sharing, I have two autistic grandsons that i have full custody of, reading this has helped me understand their emotions a little better. Thank you and continue writing your doing awesome. { Nana’s Team }

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  2. This is a thing I struggle with a lot, conflating not expressing/being aware of my feelings with not having them. Maybe ironically (has Alanis ruined that word for an entire generation?) it just makes me feel guilty, like I can’t be “present” with people around me.

    I recognize this perceived absence isn’t absolute, although it does lead to me spending time and money on little amusements instead of more productive things, but it makes me feel a little better knowing this is a thing we can come to terms with. Thank you!


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