Confessions of an Autistic person- I sometimes don’t know how to come up with a subject to talk about.

Sometimes I don’t know what to talk about with a person. I can usually engage in a conversation with people I know if somebody talks to me first, but I can have a really hard time trying to figure out what subject to talk about when trying to start a conversation. I know I can’t just talk about Manga and horses, and I’m not ready to tell people I’m Autistic yet. I try to think of things, but my mind just goes blank.

If somebody suggests a subject for me to talk about then I can usually do that. I’m not a robot, but it helps if somebody can give me a suggestion on what to talk about. Even in texting my best friend I run out of ideas at some point while texting. I try to pay attention to what other people in my extra activities are talking about, but so much of it is things I don’t understand such as boyfriends, smartphones (I don’t have one), 4-H, and other things.

Sometimes my social anxiety takes over and I end up not talking at all. I might look really stupid if I say “How are you?”. With people I know I spend tons of time analyzing what I’m going to talk about before I see them. Usually, I end up going by the plan, but sometimes I end up veering off because the people I know go to a different subject.

When I do run out of subject material and everything is quiet I go into my head and think about what I’m going to do (e.g. eat supper, work with my horse, do homework, work on school, practice piano, do screen time, etc.). I don’t like breaking silence most of the time because it’s uncomfortable for me to do that.

It’s just another social skill I’ve not quite gotten good at yet.


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3 thoughts on “Confessions of an Autistic person- I sometimes don’t know how to come up with a subject to talk about.

  1. I too go into myself in the silence but I take it as a lovely rest . I used to use a lot of effort in conversation, listening to what they were saying, asking them about themselves, talking about what interests them, maintaining eye contact, checking my body language etc….but after my burn out I don’t have the energy anymore and people ,although they liked me ,never seemed to really connect, it was always about them …they never asked how I was etc….so friendship and conversation was very boring and linear. Now I think, either like me as I am or sod off 😊
    In other words , do the best you can but don’t use too much energy on it xx


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