Things that an Autistic person doesn’t want to hear.

Sometimes people don’t understand Autism, and they make comments that Autistic people would rather not hear. This is a list of things that an Autistic person doesn’t want to hear.

“You don’t look Autistic”- I am Autistic even though I don’t look like it. Live a day in my shoes and you will understand.

“It’s not that bad.”-Actually, it is, having sensory issues, socializing issues, and anxiety is tough.

“You just need to try harder!”- Believe me, I am trying very hard!

“Toughen up.”- How can I “toughen up” when I am overwhelmed by sound? I can’t shut it out.

“Does that mean you are not smart?”- No, I am Smart. I can learn things that other people can learn.

“Stop Rocking and flapping! That looks weird.”- Stimming is my way of self-regulating and calming myself. It’s a coping skill, don’t judge people just because they are different than you.

“You are only a little bit Autistic”- I have challenges that are REAL. It’s not easy being Autistic.

“You are just choosing to be anxious”- No I’m not.

“You are overreacting!”- No, I’m struggling. This is just too much for me.

“Your not being overloaded”-YES I AM.

“How high functioning/low functioning are you?”- This really doesn’t help me. I have a lot of challenges and labels don’t help.

These are just a few of the things that Autistic people don’t want to hear.


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