Why the Library is one of my favorite places to go to.

I love the library. In my area, we have a small library that I like to go to. It is one of my favorite places to go. They have so many books there, and I love to read. They have Manga books, horse books, dog books, autism books, art books, etc. So why is the library one of my favorite places to go? Here are my reasons

It is quiet

For me, A quiet public place is awesome. My sensory system does not get overwhelmed and I’m happy because I’m not feeling overwhelmed.

There are books on things that I like (my special interests)

I can check out a book on Autism to learn more about Autism and being Autistic, and there are also other books that have information on my special interests including art, Manga  books, horses, and dogs.

It is easy to navigate the building

The library is really nicely laid out. I know a lot of the areas already just from visiting it 2-3 times. There is an upstairs section (where the adult books, dog books, horse books, and autism books are located). And there is a downstairs area where the Manga books and other books are located at.

There are different options for checkout

In the library, there are two options for checkout. I can either self-checkout the books at a computer with a scanner, or I can check out at the main desk. Personally, I prefer to use the self-checkout because of my social anxiety. Maybe someday I will be able to check out my books confidently at the main desk.

These are the reasons why the library is one of my favorite places to go. I love the library! 🙂

photo credit: JEO Photography art in books via photopin (license)


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