Confessions of an Autistic person- I sometimes have trouble following verbal instructions.

Sometimes I have trouble following verbal instructions. Usually, this is when I am anxious. Today I was at the library and I was having trouble with the self-checkout. A lady came by and tried to show me how to do it. In my anxiety, I tried doing it the old way. She became a bit agitated with me and showed me how to scan the book. After that I said a meek “Thank you.” and I checked out the rest of my books. I know she trying to help me and be nice, but in my state of anxiety, I was having trouble following verbal instructions.

I usually mess up on things if the instructions are not clear. I need specifics, “concrete things” not abstract things. I learn best if things are concrete. I also need people to tell me of things before they happen. I don’t always pay the best attention to conversations, and I’m not always around conversations. One of the best ways I learn is by looking at pictures and videos on how to do something. I also learn well by doing things hands on with a person who is patient with me. Yes, I know that in the future I might have trouble with this again, but I am willing to try to work on being able to follow verbal instructions better.


photo credit: Cat Burton <a href=”″>Sleepwalking I</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;



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