Dear Neurotypical, (A poem about Autism).

Dear Neurotypical,

I am an Autistic girl, and yes girls can have Autism.

I have sensory processing disorder and Anxiety.

I am sensitive to loud sounds including,

Leafblowers, Tea kettles, and Smoke Alarms.

I am a selective eater, I hate my food burnt, or too crunchy

I will not eat bananas or oatmeal.

I am sensitive to strong smells.

I don’t like hugs.

I don’t like flashing, flickering, or pulsing lights

I can easily be overwhelmed by the flash of a camera.

I stim, it’s my way of coping with anxiety

It’s a way of self-regulating

I rock, flap my hands, and spin.

I have difficulties with socializing.

I sometimes can’t think of a thing to talk about, or my social anxiety gets the best of me.

I am very literal, I sometimes have trouble understanding jokes and sarcasm.

I sometimes have trouble expressing emotions, sometimes I can be happy, but with a blank face.

I have to have a routine, without routine I am very anxious, change can be very hard for me to deal with.

I sometimes have trouble with transitions.

No, I’m not faking be Autistic.

No, I’m NOT a Retard.

No, I’m not crazy.

I am artistic, smart, loyal, and musical.

I love horses, they are my special interests.

Yes, I plan on having a career.

Please don’t judge me when I’m having a meltdown/or shutdown.

It’s sometimes hard living in a Neurotypical world,

But I unique, I am special, Autism is just one part of me. 🙂



photo credit: <a href=”″>Sonríe, todo el mundo te ama (30)</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;








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