Confessions of an Autistic person-I am a literal thinker.

I am a literal thinker. I can find it hard to grasp certain concepts. I especially can find it hard to understand jokes, sarcasm, and certain phrases.  Over the years I have learned some phrases and I am getting somewhat better at understanding jokes and sarcasm, I find that with sarcasm the person usually has a certain tone of voice. In jokes, I find I can usually tell if the person is joking because of their expression, if they have a blank face I cannot tell if they are joking or not. It’s even worse if I can’t see their face at all.

Sometimes if the person uses a tone of voice or laughs that helps me know that they are joking. I am learning what certain phrases and idioms mean. Still, I have a lot to learn. :O I am also a visual thinker, so if I don’t understand the phrase or idiom then I can get a totally different picture in my mind. It is important for others to explain to me what they mean (if I know them).

I am a literal thinker.


photo credit: d_t_vos <a href=”″>Fascinating Passer-by</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;


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