I do not lack empathy.

A lot of people think that Autistic people lack empathy, this is not true. Some Autistic people have trouble with empathy, but not all, every person is different. To say that I lack empathy is to say that I am “cold” and “unfeeling”. I have empathy. I hate seeing people struggling with their lives, and I hate seeing people in pain. If somebody is in pain then I feel it. In fact, I can feel a little upset myself is somebody is crying.

I have sadness before. I have cried many times. When another human being is in pain, I can feel it, therefore I do not lack empathy. Some Autistic people will have trouble with empathy, and some Autistic people won’t have trouble with empathy remember, every Autistic person is different with their own set of challenges, strengths, and talents. šŸ™‚


photo credit: seanmcgrath <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/52798669@N00/3277839203″>My Heart Is Hers</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;




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