My weighted lap pad- I’m not ashamed to use my weighted lap pad in public.

I have made a weighted lap pad to use pretty much everywhere I go (including use at home). I struggle with anxiety and weighted things help me feel calmer. 🙂 As an Autistic person, I am not ashamed to use a weighted lap pad in public. If something helps an Autistic person it should be accepted, even if it is different.

I first used my weighted lap pad today, It felt really nice. Pressure, it’s so relaxing. 🙂 I used it during my class and by the time we were supposed to go to another activity I was a bit tired (more like super relaxed) from the weighted lap pad. But, I guess that’s better than being anxious.

Sewing my weighted lap pad was challenging, but I think it’s worth it. I know it’s not geometrically perfect (the squares are not even). I do love the Minky fleece on the bottom (the Minky is grey with the little bumpy dots). So, what do I do when somebody judges me for using a weighted lap pad? I politely tell them that this helps me, and then walk away if they continue judging.

I’m also going to be putting together an Autism survival kit (I already have a kit, but I don’t take it with me everywhere). I’m hoping making an Autism survival kit will help me cope with things better. If you ever experience anxiety or if you are Autistic then I recommend trying a weighted lap pad. You can make one yourself, or buy one. Having a weighted lap pad doesn’t make an Autistic person “weird” it’s just another tool for coping for Autistic people. 🙂




One thought on “My weighted lap pad- I’m not ashamed to use my weighted lap pad in public.

  1. no idea why anyone would feel shame from putting something on their lap in any case. i had an ex that was learning about asd that said “nts stim too– when people run their fingers through their hair, theyre stimming. when people rub the sides of their head, theyre stimming.” she wasnt trying to say nt stimming is exactly the same– but that theyre so similar, making a serious/total (black and white) distinction as if one is “odd” and one is not– is sort of pointless.

    the thing is, both nts and asds have ways of stimming in public, ways of coping with stress, and “little things” they need to get by on a regular basis. thats not what separates nts from asd– what separates them is they simply have different methods that work for similar (but sometimes different enough) reasons. thats all! so its pretty extraordinary that anyone makes any sort of big deal– but yeah, sometimes i guess they do. sometimes any tiny, tiny difference is… *shrug* at least imo, the differences are small but still matter. different things come first– different things are optional, different things are vital, different things are helpful.

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