Problems that I have with sensory issues as an Autistic person.

Auditory hypersensitivity

People talking loudly 

Blah, blah, blah and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH BLAH

Ow my poor ears, could you please talk more softly? 


Wheeeeeeoooooooo, wheeeeeeoooo. OWWWWWW! Auuuugggh! Too loud! 

Leaf blowers 

I HATE that thing. Ugh, I hope he’s down using it soon.

Garage fans 

This kinda sounds like a miniature hurricane. 


KA-BOOM! ACCCCCCKKKKKK!!! Too loud!!!!!!

Tea kettle

Would somebody please, please, PLEASE turn that thing off? 

Other loud sounds including 

  • dogs barking
  • kids screaming
  • loud music
  • people making loud noises
  • smoke alarms
  • fire alarms

ouch my ears. Unnngh. 

Visual hypersensitivity

stage lights 

oh my gosh, these lights are sooo bright. My poor eyes are dyyyyyyyiing.

Flashing lights 

feeling a bit overwhelmed here with this bright flashing light.

Bright lights

owwwww my eyes. That is too bright, WAY too bright.

flickering lights 

These lights are flickering. I hope somebody fixes them soon. 

Taste and smell

New foods

ewwwwwwww. *gagging* this is gross!! 

Strong smells 

ugh, feeling sick to my stomach now. Bye, I’m leaving this area. 



Um, please don’t hug me without asking. Also, definitely do not hug me from behind. 

Being touched

this is a bit uncomfortable, please don’t touch me. 


These are the challenges I face with my sensory issues as an autistic person.




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