Taking off the mask-The decision to say “I am Autistic”.

Because of the stigma surrounding Autism today, I have to wear a mask constantly. I am only now beginning to take my “mask” off with family members and people I know well.

Today I took off my mask to reveal that I am autistic to people that I know at an activity that I go to. I was very scared to say it because I didn’t know what their reaction would be.

They were ok about it. I told them that I struggle with a lot of different things and that I have sensory issues. I also told them that I can have meltdowns and sensory overload.

So, I am hoping that I can be my autistic self around the people that I know. I want to stim freely, and be me without worrying about “looking normal”. Someday I hope that all Autistic people can be themselves without having to wear a mask.

“I am Autistic”. 🙂


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One thought on “Taking off the mask-The decision to say “I am Autistic”.

  1. i hope it works out for you. not to freak you out, just that people were ok at first, and then it totally backfired.

    i dont want people to treat me differently, any more than they already do. people try to coddle you and cater to you, and only in ways that are insulting and unhelpful. if you try to tell them theyre missing the point (and ive tried various ways of doing that, all kinds of ways) they just take it personally and/or get frustrated that theyre putting all this effort in for nothing.

    really, they could save themselves (and me) a ton of trouble by just listening, and taking my word for it. but they insist on reframing everything within their own experience. “lights are too bright” to an aspie and an nt are not the same thing. noise is too noisy– not the same thing. and you get this all the time “i just tune it out.” (translation: “why dont you try that?” oh great idea! never thought of that… a-hem.)

    its worth coming out if the friction decreases. but the worst friction ive found comes from people “trying to understand” (but not really listening– just talking for you.) its a nightmare id probably all put back in the bottle if i could. and thats why i will probably always be somewhat closeted about it.

    p.s. ive dealt with a lot of people that are bi-polar and i can tell you, they are the absolute worst people to come out to. every time ive regretted it entirely. DO NOT ENGAGE. (just saying.) this may sound obvious, but its really important (ymmv?)

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