Autism and energy levels, running out of spoons.

As an Autistic person, I can sometimes become very tired after doing multiple things. Every morning I wake up with a certain amount of spoons. I also don’t know how many spoons I have. Usually, throughout the day, I don’t “run out” of spoons. Usually, I only run out at night when I have been doing things during the day. I wake up the next day with new spoons.

Sometimes I run out of spoons when a day is not completely over. Today I went out to lunch with friends. It was very fun and I enjoyed it. When I got home I decided to work on a sewing project to try to unwind since socializing takes up spoons. I lost track of time and worked out in my sewing room for 3 hours. When I came back inside, I realized that I was nearly completely out of spoons. I was tired and agitated.

When I run out of spoons I feel tired, I can also feel agitated too. I usually need relaxation time to get spoons back. Sleep helps me get spoons back, and relaxing helps me get spoons back. The best thing for NT’s to do when I am “out of spoons” is to not interact with me and let me relax for a bit. Trying to press me through an activity would only make me run out of more spoons and make me more tired.

If I am running out of spoons I tell my NT friends and family members that “I’m running out of spoons”. If they don’t understand the spoon theory, then I try to explain it to them. I explained it to my teacher, and whenever I am running out of spoons I tell her. She is understanding and lets me take a break to relax.

If I am very low on spoons then I sometimes have to stop doing an activity completely. At the house where I practice equestrian vaulting, I usually run out of spoons in the middle or near the end of practice.This is why being Autistic can sometimes make it hard to do things. “Sorry, I’m running out of spoons.”


photo credit: B Rosen <a href=”″>302/365 – out of power.</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;




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