A connection that is more than words.

I look into his eyes,

he blinks and looks back.

His eyes are a deep brown,

peaceful and full of love.

We walk in the field,

four hooves and two feet walking.

I ask for him to back up,

send him out onto a circle,

and walk, now trot,

he trots around me.

He makes it one whole lap,

another goal reached!!

I bring him back in and snuggle with him,

He snuggles with me, and I feel the love between us.

He never judges me,

He is a sensory-based animal,

He listens to me,

It’s a silent connection between us.

But it is full of love.

When words can’t speak, actions can.

I try to learn to speak his language,

of nonverbal things,

rubs, smiles, energy, motion.

Combining these things to communicate.

I reward the slightest try,

his effort is appreciated.

We walk around the field once more,

I touch him softly, the wind rustles.

I take him out through the gate,

to his field.

I slip off the halter, and say “Thank you” for being my friend,

and allowing me to play with you.

This connection I feel with you is more than words, it’s love.

Shadow, I love you.


This is a poem about the connection between me and my horse “Shadow”. He is one of my best friends, and I feel a special connection to him. I feel a special connection to most animals. Horses are my Speical interest, as well as reading, writing, and drawing. 🙂




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