Autistics, unique in our own way.


We are not broken, defective, or sick.

We do not have a disease,

We do not need to be cured,

We are unique,

We see the world in a different way.

I am unique,

I see the world in a different way,

My special interests are not “obsessions”.

I stim,

Flapping my hands,

Rhythmically rocking,


Spinning myself around,

Fidgeting with a brightly colored stim toy.

I love routine,

It’s comforting and helps me function.

I hate trying new foods,

It makes me feel sick.

The sensory world can be hard to deal with

Sirens shrieking,

Alarms beeping,

Dogs barking,

Smell of food,

Smell of cleaner,

Sight of flashing lights,

The flicker of a fluorescent light.

Sensory overload,

The turmoil inside my head,

The storm raging within.

The meltdown that makes me feel horrible,

Tight chest,

Gasping breath,

Tears clouding my eyes,

Fighting that choking, horrible, feeling.

Other’s experience shutdowns,

To where their brain is simply exhausted and overwhelmed,

And their words are stuck in their head,

And they need time to recover and figure things out.

I sometimes become lonely,

Because I don’t know how to fit in,

I go off alone, to try to figure things out.

I try to go through conversations, I try so hard to figure everything out,

But to no avail,

My brain is simply not wired to learn these social things.

Anxiety is my constant companion,

It never leaves me alone,

Sometimes whispering, sometimes screaming,

Making my heart pound,

Stomach in knots,

Tight chest,


It whispers that I am never good enough.

I think in literal terms,

And sometimes misunderstand,

And have other’s get upset or mad,

And I become confused and upset.

Autistic’s need help,

Autistic’s need kindness,

Meltdowns do not need to be handled with anger,

We need understanding.

We need people to explain things,

And have




We need to stim,

To free ourselves from anxiety, and to express ourselves.

We need other’s to realise that being different is “ok”,

And that we can do things that Neurotypicals do,

We can have a job,

We can have children,

We can be successful.

So please don’t say that we are “Incapable”,

Have you seen an Autistic

Ride a horse bridle-less,

Work with dogs,

Make art,



And play piano?

That’s me, I’m not incapable.

Others might need to do something different, or need help,

But we are capable of doing things.

So please,

Don’t call Autism a “tragedy”,

We are all different, yet all unique.

We don’t need tears,

We don’t need a cure,

We need acceptance and understanding,

So that we can shine from within.


A poem about Autistics, written by an Autistic.


photo credit: <a href=”″>Sonríe, todo el mundo te ama (34)</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;



4 thoughts on “Autistics, unique in our own way.

  1. This is beautiful! Utterly beautiful. You’re amazing, with all of your quirks, all of your facets, and all of your neat nuggets. You are whole as you are, and that’s amazing to me. I think you captured it brilliantly ❤️

    Thank you for writing this. It helped me connect with another piece of myself today.

    Thank you also for following my blog! I really appreciate that 😊

    Autism-friendly hugs to you!
    ~The Silent Wave/Laina 🌟🌟

    Liked by 2 people

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