The importance of Autistic self-advocacy.

It is important to self -advocate. There are both good and bad people out there that Autistic people will meet. I myself think that Autistic self-advocacy is very important for me and others. Self-advocacy can take many forms. Self-advocacy can be important because there are some people out in the world that don’t understand Autism, and then there are some people out in the world that are complete jerks and they hate disabled people in general.

I myself with Self-advocate for myself. This means explaining that I have sensory issues, and that I will need to go to a quiet place when I am overwhelmed. This also means explaining other issues that I have such as social anxiety, literal thinking, slower processing, etc. Self-advocacy can also take form when you have had a meltdown/shutdown or are about to have a meltdown/shutdown. Yes, I know it can be really hard to deal with meltdowns. But it’s important to Self-advocate so others can try to help.

If someone ever starts to try to put you down, stop them. If they call you rude names, bully you, threaten you, or physically hurts you then get help. It is not ok, Autistic rights are human rights, meltdowns are ok, they should not be seen as “tantrums”. If others deny that you are Autistic, don’t listen. Yes, there will be some people that will deny that you are Autistic, but that’s just part of life. Some people just don’t understand Autism.

Self-advocacy is important because we live in a Neurotypical world. I am hoping one day that it will get easier, but until then I will keep self-advocating (and advocating for other Autistic people). I am proud of who I am, I am my unique Autistic self. 🙂

If you want to know more about self-advocacy then I recommend checking out the ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network) They have some great resources. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “The importance of Autistic self-advocacy.

  1. Meltdowns and shutdowns are inevitable, but coping skills have to be learned such as deep breathing and having the safe and quiet place to go to. That is why I will always need a quiet living environment, away from my trigger sounds of dogs and kids. Persistent problem sound that cannot be escaped will lead me to a complete violent meltdown and to do things without thinking I will be sorry for later. I have to have a place to escape people and the chaos created by them as well as having a safe and judgement free place in which to engage with society.

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    • I am sorry that you end up having bad meltdowns. Meltdowns are awful. 😦 I’m working with someone to learn coping skills. 🙂 I hope that you find a safe sensory haven and a safe judgement free place to engage with society.


  2. I self advocate by posting memes on my FB page. I use PixTeller, a site that lets a person create custom memes and has 1000 s’s of royalty free images to use. My memes are serious. My sister calls them “information graphics” and they help her understand me better. If you want , I could send a sample.

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