The ABCs of social awkwardness

Rebloged this awesome post on Ausomely Autistic. 🙂

the silent wave

When writing the notes for my previous post about unsuccessful mimicking, my brain diverted suddenly, off on a tangent, kind of like it’s surfing a cognitive internet.

In my last post, I had begun to take the alphabet and run with it. A rare moment of spontaneity indeed.

That last post had started off with:

“A”, for the Awkwardness I feel when trying to make a joke, explain an idea, or say/do pretty much anything else.

“B”, for the Boredom I’m sure they experienced when something I said or did rang hollow and empty.

“C”, for the Condescension I could in their eyes, as if they were saying, “look–you’re not cool, so just stop.”

“D”, for Disappear, which I wanted desperately to be able to do.

“E”, for the Escape route I frantically wanted to plan.

But as it turns out, there’s more…

You can probably guess what “F” is…

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