Autism and Anxiety Medication

Recently, I have started taking anxiety medication. Anxiety is a common condition that can occur with Autism. My anxiety can be really hard to deal with. I have noticed having physical symptoms of anxiety such as increased heart rate, tight chest, shortness of breath, and sometimes tingling. Some days are good for me, and others are difficult.

I have to sometimes push through things, despite my anxiety. I was reading a paper aloud in class, and I started having anxiety symptoms, I felt like I was running out of breath. I stopped and told my teacher. She let me take a break for a minute to breathe, and encouraged me. She was surprised, but really I have been having this issue for a while and I’ve been trying to hide it well without crying or having an anxiety attack or panic attack.

I have never had a full-blown panic attack. Although it could happen. I find sudden loud sounds to be the worst trigger for anxiety attacks. A loud noise that doesn’t make Neurotypicals flinch, can make me jump out of my skin and feel extremely anxious, panicked, and make me have physical symptoms such as an increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, and shakiness.

This reaction is not fun to deal with, but I have learned to accept it. Anxiety is not something I chose to have. After talking with my therapist, I agreed to start anxiety medication. I went to a doctor, and he prescribed Prozac for me. So far I have not had any bad side effects. I have had some minor ones such as losing my appetite and nausea, but I can deal with those. I have not noticed any real effects yet, but I am hoping this will help me as well as using coping strategies and going to my therapist.

The reason I am taking anxiety medication is because my anxiety is getting harder to deal with. Being bullied and excluded in the past has not helped my anxiety either. The stress is not good for my body, or my emotional health. I am not saying that the Prozac medication will help cure all of my anxiety, but I am hoping it will give me a better foundation to work on my anxiety.



One thought on “Autism and Anxiety Medication

  1. I am sorry you have to suffer from anxiety but glad you shared. I’ve read that the startle reflex is higher in autistic people. An unexpected loud sound incites panic and meltdown if I cannot get away. Small kids and fireworks are 2 examples of what I struggle with. I take an antidepressant as well as mood stabilizers and anti anxiety-Klonopin. I would be totally unsafe in public if I wasn’t medicated. Some people w/autism need medication.


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