To any Autistic females feeling ignored by Autism Speaks “Light it up blue”.

Autism speaks, A well-known, big Autism organization promotes “light it up blue” during April. Autism is supposedly more prevalent in males. But, it does not mean that Autistic females do not exist. Everything blue, blue, blue. Blue buildings, blue shirts, blue socks, blue cookies, etc.

What if instead of lighting it up blue we lighted it up pink and blue? Or if we lighted it up rainbow to symbolize both male and female Autistic people? We need to consider this. Autistic females have the same struggles as males. We struggle with things such as communication, sensory issues, literal thinking, managing emotions, anxiety, depression, etc.

We exist, you may not see us, but we exist. I struggled as an Autistic female until I was diagnosed a couple years ago. I was bullied, excluded, lacked social skills, and I had sensory issues. I never fit into the “social circles”. I still struggle with many things today.

So please, pay attention to both Autistic males and females. Instead of lighting it up blue, please use rainbow colors, pink, or red to symbolize both genders. We need to stop “Lighting it up blue”. Autism speaks may be improving with their change of not seeking a “cure” for Autism. But, “Lighting it up blue” does not help Autistic females.


2 thoughts on “To any Autistic females feeling ignored by Autism Speaks “Light it up blue”.

  1. theres a funny answer to your question, because autistic self-advocates (of all genders) are actually suggesting red and/or pink *instead*, but not because of gender.

    the reason is that autism $peaks is a really terrible organization at representing people who are autistic. imo it helps misrepresent and underrepresent them, and it gets a lot of funding to encourage pointless things with light bulbs and do unethical things (in the past) like look for a way to “cure” autism.

    i recommend you keep looking into this matter. take your time. self-advocacy is better than autism-speaks “advocacy” (although i wouldnt call what they do “advocacy.”)

    with you on red and pink (both colours are related to a self-advocacy network in the uk.) but forget the other color– and im saying this as a guy. really, that color doesnt represent any of us (in this way) on april 2 or during this month.


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