Adventures of an Autistic with Anxiety- update.


Today marks the 10th day that I have been on Prozac. Yesterday I had a really great day, I felt really positive and barely had any negative feelings or physical anxiety symptoms. I actually looked forwards to going to my choir practice, and I usually am nervous and have physical symptoms and negative thoughts during the practice.

Today is ok, I’m not super happy, but I’m not having a whole lot of negative thoughts or physical anxiety symptoms. In addition to my Prozac I go to a Therapist once a week, and I record my mood and thoughts on Pacifica, an app for anxiety and depression. Pacifica also has breathing exercises, meditation exercises, muscle relaxation exercises, and a community where you can post things about anxiety, health, etc.

So, today I’m breathing. Even if there is change, I will try to breathe. Anxiety may be difficult to deal with, but anxiety won’t stop me.


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