Sinking and rising.

My anxiety attacks,

Feeling nauseated,

Increased heart rate,

Burning pain in my stomach and chest.




Chaos in my head.


It’s a voice screaming in my head,

“You suck!”

“You can’t do this!”

“Everybody hates you!”


I feel overwhelmed by sound,

I hear every sound,

Every pitch,

All at once.


I am in sensory overload,

The flashing bright lights are like lasers to my eyes,

I am feeling tired,

So tired,

Drained of my energy,

It’s too much.



Feeling like I want to scream,

Tight chest,




Sometimes I feel very close to others,

And sometimes I do not,

Sometimes I start sinking,

Away from my friends and family members,

anxious and alone.


At some point, I start feeling better again, more confident, calmer,

I rise again,

But then a bad thing happens,

And I sink once again.



A poem I wrote about my struggles as an Autistic person and my anxiety.


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