What an anxiety attack feels like for me.

I have anxiety. Sometimes I have anxiety attacks. Lately, I have been having anxiety attacks more often. Anxiety attacks feel horrible. My anxiety attacks usually have a trigger, and sometimes they come out of the blue. Here is what an anxiety attack feels like for me


My heart is beating faster, why am I feeling this way? My chest feels heavy and tight. My stomach is burning with pain, and the burning sensation is in my chest too. I feel shaky, alone, scared. There are voices around me, it is chaotic sound to me. The voices grow louder, I close my eyes to try to shut it out, this feeling continues on and on, I want relief, but I cannot have it, I have to wait for this feeling to pass.


One of the most frustrating things about having anxiety attacks is that other family members and friends cannot understand what it feels like. Sometimes they deny it too. I am afraid that this will happen out in public. What if I have an anxiety attack at vaulting? What if I have an anxiety attack at dog club? What if it goes into a full-blown panic attack? What if, if if…..

I wish that anxiety was not so hard to deal with. It is a monster that I have to battle with daily. I have found meditation to be helpful for providing some relief from my anxiety. I am not sure if my medication (Prozac) is working. I hope it works soon, I hate this feeling, I want to feel positive, I want to feel calm. Anxiety is stealing my voice and causing me pain.



One thought on “What an anxiety attack feels like for me.

  1. I deal with chronic anxiety which can lead to a meltdown in public. That is why I don’t go out in it alone. I have someone who understands me and helps me-a person who used to be a doubter, but God works in mysterious ways.


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