Beautiful yet flawed, my inner self.

Red hair,

Fair skin,


Brown eyes,

Long legs.

I am beautiful,

But flawed at the same time.




Good with animals,

But flawed.


I have scars that won’t seem to fade,

The tears slowly drip down my face,

I always seem to be making mistakes,

And being criticized,

For being the person I am.


I am tired of feeling lonely,

Where the darkness seems to be my friend,

I am tired of panic attacks,

That try to steal away my breath,

I am tired of anxiety,

That whispers and screams in my head,

I’m tired of the demons,

That have made a home inside my head.


The demons,

They are there,

Waiting patiently,

To pounce on my mistakes,

To catch me when I’m down,

They whisper I’m not worth it,

They whisper I’m a mistake,

And they silently cheer when I start going under.


I start slipping,

All of my progress seems like nothing,

I feel alone,

I start sinking,

Slowly into the depths.


All the pain that I have experienced,

Seems to never fade,

They are my scars, my battle wounds,

The cracks that remind me,





I am beautiful, yet flawed,

Because I am these things,

I wish the pain would fade away,

I wish the demons would be quiet,

I wish I could be good enough,

Will I ever be?



A poem written by an Autistic individual.



3 thoughts on “Beautiful yet flawed, my inner self.

  1. God says we are enough once we have accepted His Son. Still, I struggle with the ongoing garbage of what the material world throws at me and the toxicity creeps in. I read a book 5 years ago called Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. There is a teen version as well. You may want to check that out on I am beginning to think it is American mainstream culture that is flawed, lacking empathy, and the other B’s they toss at us, but truth for them. Go with Jesus and go for quality, not quantity with others. Do so with yourself as well. Think of the things you can do and enjoy doing, big or small. I just taught my own self something. God bless.

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