Updates, and I’m on Instagram now!

Hi everyone, sorry it has been a looooonnnng time since I have posted on here. But, I am going to update you all on Nikki. Nikki has been doing great with her training, she has been learning many tasks and is super smart. I mean she can learn a task in two days, I think it’s the border collie in her, lol.

I am now off of medication (yay!) I’m going to see how well I can without being on it for a while with Nikki. Also Nikki will eventually be starting public access training with our awesome dog trainer, who I really like. She is so kind, patient, and really teaches well. 🙂

I also am on Instagram now! Please follow me @helper_dog_nikki

I hope everyone is doing well, and I apologize for the lack of posts. I’m trying to brainstorm some posts to do in the next few weeks for you all. Have a great week!!


Love~ Makayla and Nikki, service dog team.


My new service dog in training.

On July the 8th 2017, I got my first dog. I adopted a border collie/lab mix named “Nikki”. That day was so exciting!


We are in the car. I am rocking back and forth because I am so excited, I am going to meet Nikki! This is soooo exciting! After waiting for what seemed like eternity to get to our destination, we finally pulled into the parking lot. I see a small black dog with a woman outside the building. We walk up, and it turns out to be Nikki! Nikki wags her tail excitedly. We decide to go inside, the woman, whose name is Liz, demonstrates some of the service dog tasks she has learned such as deep pressure therapy, block, and watch my back. I am hoping with all my heart that that I can take this sweet girl home. My mom asks about taking Nikki home. My heart flutters with excitement as the papers are filled out, and then we were out of the door and on the way home with Nikki. Later on that evening after a trip to PetSmart and Orange leaf, in which Nikki got a small amount of vanilla froyo, we headed home. That night she jumped onto my bed, she looked at me like “I am going to sleep on your bed with you, right??” So I let her sleep on my bed. At one point she came up beside me and licked my face, such a sweet dog. I think she is going to be a great service dog with more training.

 That was an exciting day. Nikki is learning how to sit, lay, and I am going to be teaching her come, stay, anxiety alert, and guiding through a crowd. Her vest, which we ordered today, is supposed to come on Wednesday. I am excited to start the process of training Nikki to be a service dog.